Our time together gives me as much of a rush and thrill as it does to you. I experience great joy from figuring out what interests you, what makes you tick, what lights your fire… we all long to be understood. Gifts are not expected but are greatly appreciated.  Here are a few suggestions for the man who needs a bit of guidance on selecting a special something:

Gift Cards


Champagne (Veuve Cliquot, Perrier- Jouet, Krug) or a bold red.
I also have a passion for herbal teas. Let’s enjoy it together!


Ballets, Operas, Symphonies (surprise me).


A quick way to win my affection is through philanthropy. Here is a list of non-profit charities whose causes I support.


Being with you satisfies my hunger. Having these culinary delights tied to memories of our adventures, nourishes my heart.

These are some of my favorite restaurants in San Francisco. Feel free to ask me about all the things my lovely city has to offer.


One of the greatest gifts is that of a beautiful memory and lasting impression. I hope I’m able to give you this, whether it be my scent, my smile, my laughter, something I said or simply the way I look at you with my bright eyes.

I look forward to making memories together!