Frequently Asked

I’m sure we agree that privacy and discretion are essential for both of us. As a professional model, my safety is paramount and when that is ensured, so will be an unforgettable encounter! In an effort to satisfy your comfort level, I offer a variety of screening options¬†requesting only information that is necessary. Whether it is employment verification or any other option offered, your personal coordinates will be promptly deleted following our first meeting.

All of my images are current and in my likeness. Yes, you will recognize the girl in the photos! As an extremely private model, I do not mix my personal and professional life. Though you will be quite pleased when we meet, I choose not to show my face to assure discretion for us both.

Without question! I am quite aroused by the soft sensuality of a woman and the erotic dynamic between two females. I am skilled and conscientious about the delicate balance involved in a trio that includes a male partner. Synchronicity is most important and I must get a sense of this before planning our engagement.

I am inclined to meet in a prominent, five-star hotel or luxurious residence. Incall is also an option with advanced notice.

With a pronounced fashion sense, my look will align with the occasion from apparel right down to shoes and accessories. Think elegant, tasteful and enchantingly feminine whether I dress up or down should you have a specific request. You can always expect beguiling bits of silk, stocking and lace beneath just waiting to be unveiled. Of course, special requests are welcomed because I adore dressing up in something exciting for my partner! Say the word and I will email my coordinates.

I am quite adaptive and tend to find the fun and pleasure in everything I do. I like to take my time exploring our chemistry, establishing an intellectual bond and flirting with intimate interaction all of which lead to prolonged evenings crackling with excitement.

I am rather flexible and welcome hearing from you either by email, cellular or text. My professional female assistant often replies to my emails whenever I do not have the time. She also oversees my calendar to ensure that bookings are made in a timely manner that is most accommodating.